Adam Greensmith

Adam Greensmith is a Bearded Dragon owner and enthusiast. He has owned and cared for Bearded Dragons since childhood and in this time has racked up over 30 years experience and valuable knowledge.

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My Story

I have been fascinated by reptiles and more specifically Bearded Dragons ever since I was a child. Information was hard to come by back in those days but I would read just about any book I could find that contained information about Beardies.

I would also spend hours down at local pet stores asking questions and trying to take in as much as possible.

After a while, my parents finally agreed to let me have my very own Bearded Dragon. This is where I really started to learn how to care for and understand the behaviours of these amazing reptiles.

From childhood through to adulthood I spent just about all of my time with my Bearded Dragons.

In this time I learned so much about feeding, diet, common and rare behaviours, handling, lighting and even how to train a Bearded Dragon that I decided to spend time on forums and social platforms to help new owners and those who might be struggling with certain elements of keeping and caring for their Bearded Dragon.

I would regularly give answers to questions and sometimes point owners to good blog posts that would help them get further information if needed. 

As I did this I noticed that there were huge gaps in the information on the internet and lots of topics didn’t even have any blog posts or information at all anywhere on the web.

This is where the idea for Total Bearded Dragon was born. I wanted to provide a place where Bearded Dragon owners could get highly detailed and thorough content based on the knowledge that I’ve obtained over the 30 years I’ve been involved with these fascinating reptiles.

I wanted to tackle the more obscure questions that can often be hard to find information for as well as providing more detailed but digestible answers to the common questions that owners generally face from day to day.

I love writing and having this opportunity to help other Bearded Dragon owners is something that I’m extremely passionate about.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope you get lots of value from the site.

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