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Total Bearded Dragon is a website that is dedicated to helping Bearded Dragon owners to care for and understand their Dragon with straight forward and actionable content.

Total Bearded Dragon is best known for its blog where it tackles a wide variety of questions that owners often face.

About US

Our Story 

In 2019 we decided to start a website that was dedicated to helping Bearded Dragon owners care for these amazing reptiles.

Our main writer Adam Greensmith has loved and owned reptiles and more specifically Bearded Dragons since he was a child. Now with over 30 years experience in owning, handling, feeding and generally caring for Bearded Dragons, he has learned so much that the time was right to share this knowledge with the rest of Bearded Dragon world.

After spending much of our time of forums and communities over the years we noticed that there is actually very little information available out there for Bearded Dragon owners when they need it.

We wanted to create a one-stop website/blog that would give Bearded Dragon owners and potential owners all the information they were looking for in an easily digestible and thorough manner.

The main goal of the website is to answer both common and more obscure questions that owners find it hard to get detailed and actionable answers to.

Our passion will continuously drive us forward as we look to improve and grow Total Bearded Dragon over the coming months and years by providing top-quality detailed content that our audience both needs and loves.

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