Keeping your Bearded Dragon stimulated and happy is a priority for every owner but it can often be hard to think of toys your Bearded Dragon will love and activities they will enjoy.

Let’s take a look at the best toys and activities that Bearded Dragon’s love so you can be sure to keep your Dragon happy and stimulated at all times.

So what are the best toys and activities for Bearded Dragons? The best toys and activities for Bearded Dragon’s are:

  • Hammock
  • Taped ball with insects inside
  • Laser pen
  • Take them for a walk
  • Swimming
  • Small play ball
  • Mirror
  • Swimming float
  • Tunnel
  • Caves & hides
  • Bridge
  • Cat toys
  • Hunt their own food
  • Watch TV or a phone
  • Look out of the window
  • Have a cuddle

Read on to take a closer look at these toys and activities and we will also look at many more options so your Bearded Dragon will always feel both happy and stimulated.

Best Toys For Bearded Dragons

First, let’s take a look at the best toys that you can use to keep your Bearded Dragon stimulated and as well as allowing you to have lots of fun and bond with your Dragon in the process.

A Simple Ball

One of the easiest ways to keep your Bearded Dragon stimulated and have some fun is to simply give them a ball to play with.

Tennis balls are perfect for this, or you might want to use a slightly smaller ball if your Bearded Dragon is a baby or juvenile such as this one that I share in this post here.

Giving your Dragon some time out of their tank and playing ball with them is a great way to bond and have some fun.

You will find that a lot of Bearded Dragons love to push a ball around and they can be quite comical with it as well.

You may also find that they will attack the ball if they aren’t used to it. This will usually happen if they mistake it for a predator or simply see it as a threat.

If this happens then it’s not something you really need to worry about, however, don’t allow your Dragon to become stressed if they really don’t like the ball.

Generally speaking, they will have lots of fun and it’s a great way for you to get down on the living room floor with your Bearded Dragon and play a little game while they get some exercise.

And I’m not the only one who recommends this kind of ball as a great toy and activity for your Bearded Dragon.

Make a Feeder Ball

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If you want to take things a stage further than playing with a tennis ball you can go the extra mile and give your Bearded Dragon a feeder ball to play with.

If you’re wondering what a ‘feeder ball’ is then it’s simply a plastic ball the is see-through filled with live insects.

To my knowledge, you can’t buy these ‘feeder balls’ in shops so you will have to get creative and make one yourself.

You can use lots of different types of balls for this such as practise golf balls or whiffle balls. You pick them up on Amazon, I’ve written a post here that links to some cheap but good quality whiffle balls that will be perfect for making feeder balls.

All you need to do is tape up all the holes of the ball except for one with transparent sticky tape. Then you fill the ball with live insects and give it to your Bearded Dragon.

Watch as your Dragon goes crazy trying to get to the food inside. The feeder ball will give them so much stimulation as they frantically try and get to the insects.

This is a wonderful toy/game that is very inexpensive to create and it will give you and your Bearded Dragon lots of excitement and giggles.

One thing you need to do is make sure that you actually feed your Dragon the contents of the ball when you finish. Otherwise, they will get stressed knowing that there is food inside the ball that they can’t get to.

I recommend using a feeder ball just before your Bearded Dragons actual feeding time, that way you can give them the insects inside the ball as part of their meal afterwards.

Get a Mirror

Getting a mirror from your bedroom and allowing your Dragon to see their reflection is a great way to introduce a toy at no extra cost.

This will certainly get your Bearded Dragons attention and they will produce all sorts of behaviours as they become more and more intrigued with what they think is another Bearded Dragon.

They might be slightly scared, highly fascinated or even aggressive towards what they see in the mirror. This is totally fine as long as you use the mirror for short spells and not every day.

I would recommend using a mirror for around 15 minutes every 3 days or so.

If you stick to this rule of thumb then it will allow your Dragon to get some much-needed stimulation without getting stressed if it starts to feel threatened or intimidated by its reflection.

Don’t worry about how your Dragon reacts to its reflection because in the wild these types of situations would happen frequently where they are confronted with another Bearded Dragon but in captivity, they don’t get exposed to many situations that will keep them on their toes.

That’s why I love using a mirror as a toy as it’s one of the best ways to keep your Dragon stimulated. An old mirror that you’ve got in your home if fine. If you don’t have a spare one then try this one that I recommend here in the post.

The main reason why your Dragon could feel slightly scared or aggressive is that they are solitary reptiles and having the unwanted company of another Bearded Dragon will make them uneasy.

If your Bearded Dragon is bobbing its head in a fast motion then this is a sign that it’s trying to dominate what it thinks is another Bearded Dragon in the reflection.

If your Dragon is waving its arm at the mirror then this isn’t to say hello but rather to try and say that they are submitting to the other Dragon and they basically don’t want any trouble.

I would also recommend showing them the mirror while they are in their tank at first so they will be in a place that they are used to and comfortable with.

After you’ve used the mirror a few times then you could try getting them out of their tank and putting the mirror on the floor.

Either way, this is a great toy and activity you can introduce to your Bearded Dragon.

Laser Pen

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Laser pens are a wonderful toy and lots of fun for Bearded Dragons. You can pick them up pretty cheaply and it’s another great way to have 10-15 minutes of play and bonding with your Dragon.

I’ve actually found one that uses USB to charge laser pen so there’s no need to keep replacing the batteries. I give more details in this recommended toys list.

If you shine the red dot from the laser pen on the floor then your Dragon will often chase it thinking it’s food.

This little game is best played outside of the tank so they have more room to chase without breaking anything in the tank.

I would also recommend using the laser pen just before meal times because your Dragon can get angry and stressed when they can’t actually catch the laser so having real food ready for them shortly after is a good idea.

You don’t need to do this every day but 10-15 minutes a couple of times a week is a great exercise for your Bearded Dragon and will also keep them stimulated when it comes to playing and hunting food.

Swimming Float

Another great toy you can introduce to your Bearded Dragon is a swimming float.

All you have to do is grab a small inflatable or foam float and let your Dragon chill after they’ve had their bath.

It can be great fun as you gently push them around the bath while they rest and chill out on the float.

These kinds of floats are generally inexpensive and you only need a small float that’s just big enough for your Bearded Dragon to lay on.

If you let them have 5-10 minutes on the float when they have a bath then you will be giving them the extra stimulation and change of surroundings they need from time to time.

A Tunnel

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Giving your Bearded Dragon a small 3-way tunnel toy is an amazing way to keep them fit while giving you the opportunity to have fun and bond with your Dragon at the same time.

These tunnels are actually designed for cats but they are great for Bearded Dragons too.

You can do so much with these tunnels and play lots of different games. One good idea is to get a laser pen and shine the laser dot into the tunnel and then watch as your Bearded Dragon chases through the tunnel trying to catch it.

Another game worth playing is filling a ball with insects like we spoke about earlier in this post and rolling it through the tunnel and then letting your Dragon try and get the insects out of the ball.

Games like these will keep them occupied for a long time, especially if food is involved.

Remember that you should always try and feed your Bearded Dragon after playing games where they can see food because if not they can easily get stressed if they don’t actually get any of the food in the end.

Caves & Hides

This might not seem like an actual toy but if you use excavator clay as a substrate (this is what I would recommend anyway) then you will be able to create some amazing caves and hides for your Bearded Dragon.

They will feel so much more at home as excavator clay will allow you to replicate something that is close to their natural surroundings.

Bearded Dragons love excavator clay and one of the mains reasons is that it allows them to dig.

This is a natural behaviour for Bearded Dragons and something they love to do. Source:

Most substrates don’t allow your Dragon to dig and make little caves and hides but excavator clay is great for this.

It will also make the tank look great and you can easily put plants and rocks in the clay when it’s wet so it’s a thumbs up all around.

I’ve written a post that shares the benefits of using excavator clay and why I recommend it for so many reasons.

A Hammock

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Adding a hammock to your Bearded Dragons tank can be a great little way to stop them getting bored and most dragons love chilling out and gently swinging as the day passes by.

Adding a hammock is easier if you have a larger tank. If your tank is 20-40 Gallons then it may be hard to find room for a hammock but if you have something that’s around 80-120 Gallons then it’s a wonderful option and something you should certainly consider.

The good thing about giving your Bearded Dragon extra things in their tanks such as hammocks and similar is that your Dragon can use them whenever they feel like it instead of having to wait for a time when you can play with them.

Hammocks are just another simple way for you to add a little bit of something different into your Bearded Dragon’s life and stop them from getting bored with their surroundings.

I recommend getting the ‘lizard lounger’, I’ve written more about it in this post here, including the cheapest place to get it from.

A Bridge

Adding a bridge to your Bearded Dragons tan might not really seem like a toy but it’s important to add things like this into the tank to keep them stimulated.

Other things like plants, rocks and branches are all good ways to stop your Bearded Dragon from getting bored.

The fact of the matter is that is you want to have a happy Bearded Dragon then kitting out their tank with good decor and little finishing touches such as bridges is going to help massively.

You can pick up bridges and other tank decor at all the leading reptile stores and it doesn’t really cost that much either.

You can use excavator clay to build hills and then use a bridge to allow them to get from one side of the tank to the other.

The options are limitless and you can build some amazing looking tanks with excavator clay and cool decor. Your Bearded Dragon will love all the little extras and will have lots of fun exploring them.

Cat Toys

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At first, it might seem a little odd to think about your Bearded Dragon playing with cat toys but they are actually something that your Dragon will find lots of fun.

There are tons of options and little toys you can get your Dragon. My favourite cat toys for Bearded Dragons are ‘teasers’ and ‘ball circuits’.

Have a good look at places like Amazon as they usually have a wide range and unusual toys that you can’t get in most local stores.

Every Bearded Dragon is different, some will get intimidated by things like teasers while others will love to chase them around. I’ve actually recently listed my top Bearded Dragon toys in a post and I found a cat teaser that has 29 different fittings. Here’s the post that lists all the toys and where to get them.

Cat toys are just another option for you and something to keep your Dragon happy.

Best Activities For Bearded Dragons

Setting aside a little time to do some simple activities with your Bearded Dragon can be very rewarding and also help you bond with your Dragon.

These activities don’t have to be expensive or take up a lot of your time, however, they will help stop your Dragon feeling bored and give them something fun to do which in turn will increase their overall happiness.

Let’s take a look at some of the best activities that you can do with your Bearded Dragon.

Let Them Hunt Their Own Food

One of the best activities you can allow your Bearded Dragon to do is to hunt their own food.

This may not be for everybody as you need a space where you are happy to let insects loose.

If you do have an appropriate area then you should certainly give this a go.

Hunting is a behaviour that comes naturally to Bearded Dragons but unfortunately, in captivity, they very rarely get to do it.

Hunting insects is probably the one thing that will get your Bearded Dragon excited the most.

It can be quite fascinating to see how a Bearded Dragon that was happy chilling on a branch one minute is then frantically trying to catch food the next.

Just remember that you shouldn’t let them catch wild insects from your garden as they can quite often give your Dragon parasites.

Go For a Walk

At first, you might think that this sounds a little crazy but going for a walk with your Bearded Dragon is fast becoming a popular pastime with Bearded Dragon owners.

Going for a walk with your Bearded Dragon is easy these days as you can now get leashes and harnesses that are specifically made for Bearded Dragons.

These leashes and harnesses are great and you then obviously won’t have to worry about them running away or getting lost.

It’s a great way to some exercise and it’s amazing for keeping your Dragon stimulated.

Just remember not to let them eat insects from the wild as they can often carry parasites and don’t allow them to walk on grass that’s been sprayed with pesticides as this can be harmful to your Dragon.

At first, the might not like the idea of having a leash or harness on but after 2-3 walks they should then associate the leash/harness with going for a walk and fun and actually enjoy the whole experience.

Going for a walk with your Bearded Dragon is a really great activity for both you and your Bearded Dragon and something that you should consider. and this is backed up by the guys over at beartdeddragon101 who also think this is a great idea.


Have you ever thought about letting your Bearded Dragon swim in your bathtub?

If not, this is an activity that you should really consider. Bearded Dragons are really good swimmers and they actually enjoy swimming.

A lot of Bearded Dragon owners will give their Dragon a bath and then let them have a little swim after.

Swimming is an excellent way to give your Dragon some exercise and have some fun. You can also introduce a float if you want to have even more fun as we mentioned earlier in this post.

Just remember that you shouldn’t let your Dragon swim in water that has chlorine in it because the chlorine can be harmful to your Bearded Dragon. That’s why I recommend letting them swim after a bath, this way you know the water is a good temperature and not full of nasty chemicals.

The last thing I would like to mention is that even though Bearded Dragons are good swimmers you should always supervise them when swimming, after all, it’s better safe than sorry.

Watching TV Or a Phone

Believe it or not, Bearded Dragons actually like to watch TV. This might seem like a lazy activity but they will get lots of stimulation from watching a bit of Netflix.

You can even have a little cuddle and some handling time while you watch TV together and also enjoy some bonding time.

You can also get apps for your phone that show insects crawling on the screen.

It’s quite funny to watch your Dragon going crazy and trying to hunt the insects from the mobile phone screen.

Just remember that you should try and make sure that you feed your Dragon after an activity like this as they can become stressed when there isn’t actually food to eat.

Looking Out Of The Window

Some Bearded Dragon will love the chance to look out of the window and watch the world go by while others will get a little intimidated by the uncertainty and new surroundings.

This will totally depend on what’s outside of the window and your Dragons individual personality.

Letting your Dragon have 10-15 minutes looking out of the window can be very healthy for them and help to stop boredom setting in.

If they really like it then you might want to consider moving their tank close to a window so they get to see the sun, trees and blue sky on demand.

If you notice your Bearded Dragon hiding a lot of the time or displaying behaviours such slow head bobbing or arm waving then this might be a sign that they don’t like being close to the window.

Have a Cuddle

One of the most underrated activities you can do with your Bearded Dragon is to simply have a cuddle.

Handling your Dragon, in general, is great for bonding and making your Dragon feel happy.

Spending all day in the same tank while looking at the same scenery can cause your Bearded Dragon to feel bored. If you take the time to handle them for a while and show them some affection it can make a big difference to their mood.

If you don’t handle your Dragon and have a cuddle then you really need to start doing this daily, if you already give your Dragon a daily cuddle then well done and keep it up!

Why Do Bearded Dragons Need Toys & Activities?

Bearded Dragons need toys and activities for both exercise and mental stimulation.

In the wild Bearded Dragons would be out hunting for food every day but in captivity, they just get kept in the same tank day after day as food is brought to them.

This isn’t good for their physical health as they can often get overweight due to lack of exercise.

For this reason alone you should make sure your Bearded Dragon gets to play with some sort of physical activity or play with their favourite toy.

That being said, what’s more important is the mental stimulation that toys and activities bring.

Again, if you think in the wild, a Bearded Dragon would get mental stimulation each and every day from hunting and keeping safe from predators.

In captivity they are safe and all times and have food on demand. On the one hand, this is obviously good but it can actually lead to them getting bored very easily.

Introducing some of the toys and activities that we have talked about in this article will help your Bearded Dragon to stay physically fit and healthy as well as keeping them mentally stimulated and reducing boredom.

Do bearded dragons get lonely? Bearded Dragons are solitary reptiles by nature so they don’t get lonely or need the company of other Bearded Dragons. Daily exercise and play are recommended however to keep them mentally stimulated and to stop boredom setting in.

How often should you play with your Bearded Dragon? It’s a good idea to play with your Bearded Dragon every day. This will have a lot of benefits for both you and your Bearded Dragon. This will keep them fit and healthy and well as helping you to bond as you have fun together.

What do Bearded Dragons like in their tank? Bearded Dragons like to have lots of decor in their tank as this will really help to create a look and feel close to their natural habitat.

Here are some great options you can add to your Bearded Dragons tank:

  • Excavator clay (you can build hills caves and hides with this)
  • Plants
  • Swing/Hammock
  • Rocks
  • Bridges
  • Caves

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