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Basically the more you know about a Bearded Dragons behaviours, housing requirements, dietary requirements and maintenance the easier you will find it to look after them and bring up a happy and healthy Bearded Dragon.

Let’s look at the best resources available to you that give you the answers to all your questions as well providing you with the expert advice needed to keep a Bearded Dragon with total confidence.

Bearded Dragons are becoming increasingly popular pets in most parts of the world. Their friendly temperament combined with their beautiful unique looks makes them the perfect choice for a beginner per owner, families or anyone why simply loves pets.

As with any pet, owning a Bearded Dragons requires you to have a certain amount of knowledge around the keeping of this amazing reptile in order to be able to keep them successfully.

The ‘Bearded Dragon Secret Manual’ is the most comprehensive guide I’ve found on just about every aspect of keeping a Bearded Dragon.

The book coverers a complete range of topics to ensure that you are always looking after your Bearded Dragon in the right way. If you are ever unsure about a certain area of caring your Dragon then you will more then likely find the detailed answer in this book.

Reading a guide like this will take out the guesswork involved in many of the situations you may find yourself in especially if you are a newbie owner.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • All aspects of purchasing a Bearded Dragon including what questions to ask and where to get a Bearded Dragon from
  • How to source cheaper food
  • How to source cheaper equipment
  • Bearded Dragon behaviours and what they mean
  • How to set up the heating & lighting correctly
  • What substrates you should use and NEVER use
  • What to put in your tank
  • Where to place your tank
  • How to handle a Bearded Dragon the right way
  • How to give your Bearded Dragon good quality exercise
  • How to clean the tank
  • What you should feed your Bearded Dragon
  • How to bathe your Bearded Dragon
  • How to choose a good vet
  • How to breed Bearded Dragons

Plus lots more…

You will also get another 4 ebooks that are actually great and cover some vital topics such as illness and how to know if your Bearded Dragon is sick as well as a daily feeding guide.

A good thing is that because it’s in ebook format you can actually read the information on your phone so if you ever have a question and need an answer fast you can simply pull out your phone instead of having to find a physical book.


I have purchased this manual myself and I can tell you first hand you will be amazed by the amount of information you’ll receive. You can take a closer look at the guide here

If you want detailed answers to all your questions then I strongly recommend you go and take a look at this guide.

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